Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBD oil have TCH?

Bajo el término de aceite de CBD se ofrecen varios productos: Un producto en el que el aislado de CBD se disuelve en aceite MCT orgánico o en aceite de cáñamo está libre de THC. En cambio, un aceite de CBD de espectro completo siempre tiene pequeñas trazas de THC. Los aceites de amplio espectro, en cambio, no contienen THC. Esto se debe a que el THC se “filtra” mediante un proceso especial.

Which CBD oil strain is the best?

In principle, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oil do not differ in the way they are produced. The extraction of the CBD extracts are made by CO2 extraction. With the help of this environmentally friendly and gentle extraction method, not only cannabidiol (CBD) but also other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are extracted from the hemp plant. Thus, CBD oil contains the entire valuable spectrum of the plant.

The CBD extract for the full spectrum oil is dissolved in a carrier oil (organic sunflower seed oil or MCT oil).

For the production of the THC-free product, a further step is necessary. To remove the THC in a gentle way and to preserve the other valuable ingredients of the hemp plant, the modern separation process called flash chromatography is used. Subsequently, the extract is dissolved back into a carrier oil.

Users of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oil can benefit from the Entourage effect benefit.

Can CBD influence a THC test?

Different people react differently to CBD and have different preferences. While one person has good experiences with a full-spectrum extract, another may prefer THC-free products. There is also no general recommendation on CBD concentration. For example, one person may experience positive effects after only a few drops of an oil with a low CBD content, while another may need several drops of a product with a higher content. Therefore, it is important to use high-quality oils and start with low doses.

Description of Organic CBD Oils MENORCA SEEDS

You can choose between full-spectrum CBD oils and broad-spectrum (THC-free) CBD oils with different levels of CBD:
  • 5% of CBD oil (contents: 10ml, 1 drop contains 2.5mg CBD)
  • 10% CBD oil (contents: 10ml, 1 drop contains 5mg CBD)
  • 15% of CBD oil (contents: 10ml, 1 drop contains 7.5mg CBD)
  • 20% CBD oil (contents: 10ml, 1 drop contains 10mg CBD)
  • 25% of CBD oil (contents: 10ml, 1 drop contains 12.5mg of CBD

The CBD extract is dissolved in high quality organic sunflower seed oil.

In addition, there is the full-spectrum CBD oil with a high dose of 40% CBD (1 drop contains 20 mg CBD). Here, the CBD extract is dissolved in a rich MCT oil.

Information on THC content: The THC content of our full spectrum oils is less than 0.2%. Broad spectrum oils have a THC content of less than 0.05%.

When should CBD consumption be avoided?

People who regularly take medication should consult their doctor before using CBD. This is because it may be suggested that high doses of CBD can have a negative effect on liver function. Therefore, people with liver disease or liver damage should first consult a doctor for advice. There may be interactions between certain medications (e.g. anticoagulants, painkillers, antidepressants, etc.) and CBD. In addition, studies

CBD Premium Oil: All the benefits at a glance

  • Made in Switzerland according to Bio-Suisse guidelines
  • High quality CBD extracts
  • valuable carrier oils (organic sunflower seed oil, MCT oil)
  • Organically grown hemp
  • No genetic engineering
  • Vegan
  • Laboratory-tested quality
  • Simple application

Dosage and intake of CBD oil

Taking CBD oil is easy with the help of drop dispensers. It is recommended to administer CBD oil drops directly under the tongue so that the oral mucosa can absorb the ingredients and release them into the bloodstream.

When dosing CBD oils, it is important to remember that every body reacts differently. A general recommendation is to start with a full-spectrum oil that has a low CBD content. After taking two or three drops of CBD oil, first wait. If the desired effect does not occur, the dosage can be increased the next day.

It is important that users gradually approach the product. Because a CBD oil with a high CBD content does not automatically mean that the effect is better or stronger. Therefore, it often takes time for users to find the right dosage with the right CBD content for them.

Do CBD oils have side effects?

Our products have safety reports and are registered as cosmetic products in the EU. Each batch of our CBD oils is additionally tested in the laboratory. Therefore, they are safe for use as a cosmetic product.

In general, the CBD drops are well tolerated. Mild side effects occur only rarely. This is also described by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in its Critical Review Report about cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD in pregnancy?

Women should not use CBD products during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is because it is not known how phytocannabinoids such as CBD affect the foetus. Also, it is not known exactly whether a newborn child absorbs CBD through its mother's milk. As CBD is metabolised and broken down in the liver, people who regularly take medications should also be cautious, as interactions may occur. Also, people suffering from liver disease or liver damage should not consume CBD oils.

Is CBD legal in Spain?

Yes, CBD is legal in Spain. The cannabinoid CBD, in contrast to THC non-psychoactive so that CBD products that do not exceed the legal barrier of 0.2% THC content can be legally marketed and used.

It is true that there are many countries where cannabis is legalbut its use is limited to medicinal use. In Spain there is a lot of confusion about the legality of CBD in terms of what is allowed, and what is not. People constantly ask if CBD is legal in Spain, and the answer is yes. In fact it is considered a completely safe product.

The problem is that in Spain the sale of CBD for human consumption is not allowed. That is, CBD can only be marketed as a topical cosmetic product. Because of this, the main companies that sell cannabidiol in Spain now sell their CBD products as cosmetics.

Therefore, the same products that were previously sold as a supplement, are now marketed as cosmetics for topical use.. Because of this, people not only don't know if CBD is legal in Spain, but they also don't know which product they should buy.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Delivery time within Spain: 2-3 working days
All orders to any EU country are shipped from our offices in Spain within 2-4 working days.

What is the Return Policy?

You may return new, unused and unopened products within 30 days of delivery for a full refund; however, we ask that you pay for shipping on these returns.


If the return is the result of our error, for example, the delivery of an incorrect or faulty product, you will receive a full refund for the item, as well as the costs of delivery.

¿Deberías consumir CBD mientras tomas medicamentos?

Una de las preguntas más comunes relacionadas con la salud y los medicamentos es si se puede combinar el cannabis con los fármacos. Es una preocupación comprensible, especialmente para aquellos que consumen regularmente cannabidiol (CBD), sin importar cuál sea su objetivo. Se podría argumentar a favor de esta combinación, especialmente cuando se trata del aceite de CBD, ya que no tiene efectos psicoactivos y es utilizado por millones de personas diariamente. Entonces, ¿es seguro mezclarlos?

Accede here para obtener más información sobre la interacción del CBD con otros medicamentos,

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